Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Best Cottage Rest Stops

Loving these adorable cottage restroom getaways.  They don't look like someone came in and a week later wah lah!  Even if they are they look like pieces of art that have grown, changed and beautified over time...

Traditional Bathroom design by Chicago Kitchen And Bath Rebekah Zaveloff

This flooring is a good compromise to my beloved honeycomb tile that I love so much... the rest of the bathroom I could do without. 
Modern Bathroom design by San Francisco Architect Chr DAUER Architects

Les Indiennes Bedding
Love the floor in the bathroom in the background.  It's a larger honeycomb design. 

House Beautiful

As much as I love the horizontal wide wood wall planks this could be a good compromise.


Traditional Bathroom design by San Francisco Media And Blogs Shannon Malone

This tile is interesting...I'm still on the fence with it but it's very pretty.