Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mix and Match Dining

I've been drawn to casual formal dining spaces since I can remember, one that's just beautifully thrown together with this and that.  Mismatched chairs and linens done just right with only hints of color for cohesion.  About a year ago I scored these two mismatched chairs at a garage sale and brought them home, put them around the table and have been thinking about how to 'finish' them.  They are both very neutral and I have two white chairs and a bench around the table.  I think I'd like to paint the more vintage chair a very soft seashell pink (like in the first pic below) and then pull in some pinks in the linens, or a light turquoise....hmmmmm....

Here are some eclectic dining rooms I found in my scouring that have inspired me to finish my own space...

House of Fifty
I love the colors in this one more than anything.  I've always loved seeing pops of pink in a white and black room but never knew how to do it because I love decorating very beachy, well have you ever seen the inside of some shells?!  It's the most gorgeous shade of soft pink.  Now I feel like I can decorate with pink in a beachy themed interior.  yay!
This one is just shabby gorgeous in my opinion.  And I love the gorgeous chandelier that balances the shabby out.  Beautiful.
I love how they overlapped the different colored table linens on this table. 

Craigslist Photo
I saw this one on Craigslist (they were selling the gorgeous table).  It might be my favorite one here!  I wanted to contact them and pretend to want to see the table just to see the rest of the house!  :-)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gorgeous Room Inspiration

I was in the mood to be inspired today so I visited one of my favorite blogs, SF Girl by the Bay, who never disappoints, and these are some of my favorite finds.  

I'm in love with these rooms and ideas and can't wait to someday have some beautiful spaces like these in my own home. 
Let the fun hunt begin looking for budget friendly ways to bring these ideas alive!  :-) 
Adorable reading nook from the Apartment via SF Girl by the Bay.  I love love love the ceiling and the eclectic mix of furniture.  And who doesn't love this rug?!

The above rug reminds me of this cool rug from Anthropologie, the Hattan Curves Rug.

Love everything about this room from Skandia Maklarna.  We have a white couch so I'm always drawn to room inspiration with a base white couch.  The small pops of color bring life into the room but just enough as to not create clutter.     

This room from Home and Delicious, a new online magazine published out of reykjavík iceland by husband & wife team photographer gunnar sverrisson and designer Halla Bára Gestsdóttirjust looks so thrown together and farm cozy I couldn't resist to add it.  I always think about the fact that no two rooms, no two homes are ever exactly alike.  We all live in unique spaces.  Even if we go to Pottery Barn for instance and buy the display room, there always ends up being little pieces of you brought in to make it your own even if it's a newspaper strewed about.

gotta love a display like this.... from The Apartment.

St. Francis House, in Cambridgeshire just outside of london


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun Antique Finds

Whilst browsing at a local antique shop during our Summer holiday, I gradually became more and more saddened that I was 2500 miles from home so getting these beauties home would be doubtful.

Anyways I still wanted to share these great finds!  And the prices were amazing!  Makes this all the more sad...  Boo hoo hoo hooooooooo