Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neon Obsession

so i've been totally on the fence with this neon fashion trend.....  sometimes i think it's okay, then i don't and think, why waste your money and time on such a quickly passing trend?! (or is it??)  then i love it when i see this cute fashionable girl confidently rocking some neon rosey colored denim with a blue denim top, skinny black belt and amazing suede peep toe black wedges.....that was last night...  :-)

this morning i went to one of my favorite blogs, sf girl by the bay, and fell in total love with some images she posted from the latest jun-jul issue of elle decor south africa.  then I started thinking, my house would love this trend.  where can i get a neon rosey pink geranium today?!?!?! 

and by far my favorite!!!!  love love love this little cabinet with neon pink knobs....love

these are the gorgeous neon coral pink denim jeans from bloomingdale's that reminded me most of the girls denim I saw last night, dl1961 jeans - amanda skinny jeans in coral


or these joe jeans

have a rosey neon pink kinda week!!!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blog Surfing Inspiration

So when I popped into one of my favorite blogs the other day, SF Girl by Bay, I found this adorable living room and home tour of another blogger, Bonnie, of Going Home to Roost.  So I'd thought I'd also share more pics of her adorable converted barn home in Santa Ynez, CA, just north of me! 

I love the bright white and pops of color and plant life, that's what I'm attempting in my living room at the moment, see the cute new butterfly pillow I just made!  I'm just learning to sew so watch out!  lol!  I also love how she drapped the quilts and blankets over the couches like this.  Since we have a large white couch and two little girls, I've been tucking sheets into the seats and blankets over the backs.  i like how this still allows the couch to pop through.  I may have to try this...

Here are some more pics from Bonnie's home tour. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girls' Bedroom Space Ideas Continued

Thought I'd share my journey to making the girls' bedroom space perfect.  For me these things take a lot of time!  :-)  I am continually finding cool pieces in my journey for a cute 'big girl' room for my girls to love even if they have to share it. 
So here again from the post below is my inspiration room from One Claire Day:

Since I'm doing a shared space for toddler girls I need to think of bedding as well.  I still love the Land of Nod covers but I'm also loving this one I found on Baby Space.  I love this look where the spread just covers the top of the bed and cute linens peek out from underneath.  I'm so ordering a size smaller to do something like this.  And I love the curtains!  This room is just great and since Lila just loves red, she'd love this...
Carolyn and Lily's colourful abode in Toronto, Canada, was featured on Design*Sponge. Photo by Virginia Macdonald.

These sheets might be cute underneath from Urban Outfitters:

Then there is this bedding from Garnet Hill that Lila loves. I'm not crazy about it but it might be cute to do a beachy themed room...

Oh it's just so confusing... 

Over the weekend I was lazily lounging on the couch, which never happens anymore so it was blissful!, and breezing through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog that came in the mail.  I came across the most adorable 1930's inspired cabinet, the Avery cabinet, that totally reminded me of the cabinet in my inspiration pic.  I thought the price was very reasonable for something from Pottery Barn.  I looked it up online and of course it said, 'No Longer Available.'  It had been clearanced out and sold out.  I called the hotline and they told me they showed maybe 1 left in Dallas.  Of course I called, they told me it was a floor model and had some scratches and only had the white one...perfect, the more the merrier, but the best part was they were knocking it down 50% off sale price because it was a floor model and they wanted to get rid of it.  Now the trick is if they will ship to me...I'm still trying to work that out!  What a steal though..who knows, we'll see, my guess is they won't ship...

So now I'm just torn.  I'll keep you updated..  :-)