Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hello and welcome to Maeve James! I'm so excited to be here, and to be starting this new adventure. Please say hello, I would love to meet you!

Maeve James will be constantly changing over the next couple of months as I get myself up and running as envisioned, but I couldn't wait to start writing and getting to know you. Thanks so much for being here.

I have always been the type of person that just can't sit, my body and mind is always racing, and that's not from too many cups of coffee, it's a genetic blessing or curse, however you may look at it. :-)

This was my latest project. I scored this cute little guy from Craigslist. It was one of those listings with no pictures. I typically don't even look at stuff with no images but this time I did and I'm so glad because it's an awesome solid dresser. From the minute I brought it home, it was screaming beachy chic.

This was it's original state. Not a great pic but it was just an ordinary dresser.

This is how it looks now. I antiqued it white and then painted subtle tan grey stripes on the top and down the face front, excluding the drawers. I kept the knobs their natural color but did the tan gray again in the center. I'm not sold on this yet, but I do like how the knobs make the stripes pop. It replaced the out of place serving cart in the bedroom hallway and it's quickly making itself at home.

Happy Holidays!