Sunday, February 9, 2014

My First Olio!

Well it's been a long time coming but I'm proud to say I've officially created my first Olioboard!  It's the inspiration for Lila and Evy's shared bedroom space.  I was lucky enough last Summer to score two matching vintage twin white wicker peacock headboards off Craigslist, similar to this one shown sold at Wayfair  With a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Emerald Extra White Paint they should be as good as new, with only a few minor vintage imperfections, which to me are perfections!!

Here is my olioboard, check it out, give me your thoughts!  I know it seems messy, but it pretty much comprises everything.  I have already restored a vintage dresser longer in length than the one shown.  Right now it's white with soft pink drawers but I think I will do this ombre effect with the drawers similar to this one from Land of Nod.

My next will be Rhys' bedroom, our master bedroom and our living space!


Friday, January 31, 2014

Love Triangle

Triangles and arrows have become a main stay in design, it's been on a roll for a while but lately I'm just obsessed with this awesome pattern.  I think I'll put a little triangle in every room of my new home somewhere.  It will be like Where's Waldo for triangles and arrows.  lol


These triangle stick on decals come in gold too, I think I will put them in my daughters shared space in gold over the Farrow and Ball Pink Ground paint color!  :)

I love this bag from Bookhou to use as a mini diaper bag for the small quick errand trips. 


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year

Even though, it's really just a new day and we should strive to liveeach day with a fresh start, there is something about a new year that puts it in our face that it is time for a fresh start.  It's a tradition for me to write my years resolutions down new every year, some keep moving from year to year and some (very few) are actually accomplished.  Having three young children I try to be realistic with myself about what can and cannot be accomplished, although I still like to put everything down as kind of a mini bucket list. 
Here is a sampling of my list:
-Be an Awesome Mom
-Learn to play the Guitar  (I've already called to inquire about lessons for me and my daughter)
-Start learning French
-Take better pictures
-Remodel a home haha
-Blog more
What are your resolutions?  Any that you think you will accomplish.
As part of the home remodel I am currently trying to design two bathrooms, the master bath and the main bath. 
Here is a current pic of the master bath.
This is my plan for it.  I just need to get to the store to confirm colors but most likely this is the plan. 
For the back wall with the window, we are doing horizontal rustic wall paneling in white, here is some inspiration.


Farmhouse Kids by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

For the floor we are using Mediterranea USA Boardwalk Myrtle Beach wood look ceramic tile.  It looks like this.
Traditional Kitchen by Boise Tile, Stone & Countertops THE MASONRY CENTER INC

This is the vanity.  Restoration Hardware's St. James double vanity in Antique Taupe.
The shower is going to be a stand up only with full glass wall front.  It's still a little up in the air until I can look at the colors in person but I'm thinking of using Ann Sack's 4x8 subway tile in Cinder Matte or London sky in a matte finish.  Then I want to do a large framed inset on the back wall with Ann Sack's Gotham Swiss Cross tile in Bright White Gloss. 

Cinder Matte

London Sky

Wet Cement Matte

Gotham Swiss Cross in Bright White Gloss
Then of course the little details will have to be decided.  Stay tuned for a look at the Main Bathroom new look. 
Peace!  Happy New Year!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Industrial Garment Racks

bodie and four clothing rack (via SF Girl by the Bay)

I've always loved the vintage garment rack.  They scratched up steel, the worn chunky wheels, with gorgeous clothing hanging upon it.  In the past I've thought about trying to make one, then never found the time or had the right place for one....until now.  Now I have two young princesses who love to play dress up....

So I googled DIY garment racks, found some beauties but settled on this one at HrrrThrrr that seems very very do-able.  I think I will keep it unpainted and then maybe paint the bottom wooden shelf a cool color, maybe yellow, or mint, or barely there pink.... :)


Here are some other beauties!
Cheap Chic Nursery

Hello Lovely Inc.

Camille Styles


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dining Room Wallpaper

I always feel like my head is orbiting 20x faster than I can keep up with, I see all these inspiring pictures, photos, blogs, yadda yadda yadda...  :-) Sometimes I'm able to absorb it quickly, sometimes, however everything will come later, days, months, years....hahaha  And then you have to decide what you just really like and what you really like and could incorporate into your home, office or space. 

One thing that I think I'd like to try out is modern wallpaper, nothing crazy just a little punch of it in a dining room or a bathroom.  Here is some inspiration, maybe someday soon, I can create a gorgeous space like one of these using wallpaper. 

Eclectic Dining Room by Dallas Photographers Lindsay von Hagel
Elle Decor Susan Hable Smith
So what should it be, the dining room, the great room, the guest
 bath????  Hmmm

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

teepee tents

I'm already thinking about the holidays, can you believe it??!?!  Well I have to, with three birthdays thrown in the mix as well!  I've already started the pre-planning for all birthdays, as well as the big Christmas present from us, a gorgeous teepee tent (made by me!).  I was feeling ambitious this year and wanted to make a extra large teepee tent for my kiddos to play and read in, filled with lots of cozy pillows and rugs. 

To keep it very simple and in line with my Scandinavian inspired interiors, I am thinking I want a white canvas or linen fabric and I may paint a black pattern around the bottom of some sort, maybe...  Whilst looking for inspiration, I came across these gorgeous hideaways.

I think this very unstructured breezy white one is my favorite...


I love the crochet feature and lights on this one.

Friday, August 23, 2013

White, light and Fresh All Over

Although I'm pretty sure my husband would never ever let me paint our wooden floors white, I can still dream, and get lost in these beautiful interiors.  And maybe I wouldn't even have the guts but I'm loving these white floors and interiors.  Feeling inspired on a Friday!  Enjoy this tour de blanc.

I love the subtle pops of pastel colors with natural wood tones and greenery in this first pic.
by Fryd


by Fryd

Love the pillows in this pic too, where oh where?!? 


bleue piece

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mint Green Love

Mint Green has been popping up everywhere, furniture, housewares, dishes, it's such a fun color too, this perfect shade of green, not too harsh, not too weak.  And you can coordinate it with just about any other color...

I recently scored a great deal on this adorable beauty, a little rough but nothing a little love and paint can't fix.  Earlier in the day I had seen a similar little cart at my favorite coffee shop, French Press.  It had napkins and spoons and what not on it.  I fell in love with it, wanted to wheel it out with me.  This one I found is very similar, a little rusty, but very similar.  I am trying to figure out how to paint it....first I was thinking the top shelf, spray painting a metallic silver color, and the legs Mint Green, or vice versa, or doing an ombre effect with shades of light to dark mint. 


In the meantime, I will look for inspiration...