Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Best Cottage Rest Stops

Loving these adorable cottage restroom getaways.  They don't look like someone came in and a week later wah lah!  Even if they are they look like pieces of art that have grown, changed and beautified over time...

Traditional Bathroom design by Chicago Kitchen And Bath Rebekah Zaveloff

This flooring is a good compromise to my beloved honeycomb tile that I love so much... the rest of the bathroom I could do without. 
Modern Bathroom design by San Francisco Architect Chr DAUER Architects

Les Indiennes Bedding
Love the floor in the bathroom in the background.  It's a larger honeycomb design. 

House Beautiful

As much as I love the horizontal wide wood wall planks this could be a good compromise.


Traditional Bathroom design by San Francisco Media And Blogs Shannon Malone

This tile is interesting...I'm still on the fence with it but it's very pretty.




Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover

With babe #3 very quickly on it's way, I really feel like we need to have a getaway, our master bedroom, the one place I can go for a breathe of air, a cozy sanctuary that we can retreat to amidst the madness of three little ones under the age of 4!  I have never had a nice master bedroom, some cute pieces but never something complete. 

I have been scouring for ideas for months now, with nothing, besides the gorgeous all white bedrooms, that really catch my eye.  As much as the all white bedroom appeals to me, without the backdrop to go with it I fear it could fail and I would get bored with it quickly.  So I decided I would like to go almost all white with a few pops of color.  Yesterday I think at long last found my inspiration room while reading my favorite blog, SF Girl by the Bay...

The Marion House Book
I never dreamed I would ever consider anything bright yellow or gold but I love how it pops from the white and I've always loved the idea of using some pink/coral but was afraid it would be too feminine.  I think this look still maintains masculinity I think because of the kilim pillows, blacks and greys in room. 
Immediately I started scouring for pieces to make this room work.  I've found these so far but will continue to look of course.


I'm not 100% on these, I'd like to find some more like in the pic with some detail to them, or find some material so I can make my own. 

Fabric to make my own:
Although I like this, I will try to find less sham and more pillow case, but these would be a nice runner up.

Not sure you can find much better, I'll share once/if it comes to fruition!  :-)


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bohemia Love

I instantly fell in love with these gorgeous bohemian parasols when I saw them at Olive and Cocoa, and thought how cute they would be above a crib in the nursery.  But the price was way too much.....

But after a little googling, found these at Wisteria.  Much much cheaper and one awesome labor day sale later three of these puppies are on their way to mi casa!  Can't beat the $12 price.  And now I see they are no longer available!  Now I can't wait to find out the gender of babe #3 so I know if these will go in the nursery or in one of the girls rooms...oh decisions decisions. 

I also discovered this adorable Etsy Shop, Gypsa this week. And my head is racing again.  I've been pondering on the idea of getting slipcovers made for the cushions of our all white sectional couch to help protect the seats and to bring some color in.  I'm loving this velvet color on this Dwellstudio chair.  Where can I find some velvet this color????   It's called Banks Pool but looks like a nice sea blue/green color.   

Then I found these cute pillows on Gypsa and now I'm torn.  Velvet pillow or velvet cushions? And do I go with a blue/green color or this gorgeous rosey shell pink color mixed with some white pillows???  Or can you mix the blue and pink?  Oh love love love. 

Also found these cute things from Gypsa.

Oh and can't forget about these sweet Free People displays I picked up this week from the local store!  Yay! 
Have a great week!