Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waterfall Dresser Obsession - Craigslist Heartbreak

Okay, so I found this amazing 1930's art deco waterfall dresser on Craigslist yesterday, called them, they said it was still available, I said I'd come right then to pick it up. I told the guy I'd call my husband since he worked right there and call him right back to get the address (should have just gotten address first!). When I called back his wife answered said she was on hold with another guy about the dresser, I said I had talked to her husband and told them I was on my way to pick up. She said she'd have to call me back, that she needed to talk to her husband. They never called back. Then a few minutes later I get a text, "Sorry, we decided to keep it. About the dresser.' My theory is someone offered them more money and they sold to them, or, they had so many people interested they decided to keep it and maybe re-sell it later for a lot more. It was only listed for $60 and was everything I was looking for! I am so down now (the downfall of Craigslist, heartbreak LOL!!)
My plan is to get a second waterfall dresser similar to this one that I recently refinished for Lila's room and refinish it so that when Evy gets in a big girl bed we can put them in the same room and they'd have similar dressers. I have some time but now the hunt is on!
Until then I guess I will enjoy pics of these beautiful dressers!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Monday, January 23, 2012

West Elm and Victoria Smith Love

Hopefully you get the West Elm catalogs in the mail...if not, go to the West Elm website. There is a 'Show and Tell Parsons made Personal' spread in the latest 'Start Fresh' catalog and under the 'New' section on the website. In particular I am loving the interview and spread with Victoria Smith of
Again I'm LOVING the opposing mix of laid back bohemian style with crisp modern lines. My style is forever evolving but with this style I feel like I've finally found it, the perfect blending of my style. I've tried the shabby chic thing, and I love individual pieces but put all together doesn't work for me. I love some modern pieces but everything modern feels very cold and sterile. I just love the idea of blending multiple styles with important personal treasures and somehow making it come together. It also makes it easier as you evolve your style, you can mix and match items you already have into new pieces. A little creativity also helps. Hope this spread inspires you. :-) Now if I can figure out where she got those awesome dining chairs and oversized chalkboard!! My personal favorite though is that amazing area rug! It would look amazing in my baby's nursery!!
I am also finished with a couple furniture makeovers too so hopefully I can share very soon!
Jill xo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brooklyn, NY Brownstone Love

I am totally drooling over Lucky Magazine's, February 2012 Lucky Life spread, "Nothing Precious" article about jewelry designer Lyndsay Caleo's Brooklyn Brownstone, "an oasis of let-your-hair-down cool filled with a mix of rustic and modern furnishings and artfully arranged personal treasures."
It is this beautiful balance of organic rustic materials and modern design, with a perfect hint of personal touches. I love the stark whites with the natural browns and greens. I can't stop staring at the beautiful pics.
I couldn't find the actual magazine pictures but was able to find pics of her brownstone on Design Sponge. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have, and it gets your wheels turning for your own Spring home makeovers.
Jill xo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nursery Cubby Storage

Even though my little EJ is over a year old, I'm still working on her first bedroom, by the time I feel like I've finished she will be ready for her big girl room. Oh well, I'm having fun!! My latest obsession are these wire cubby storage units. Since I'm using a normal dresser for her changing table it would be nice for storing diapers, wipes, etc. above her dresser so they aren't sitting on the dresser and constantly falling off. The first one I saw that got me thinking was this vintage wire cubby shelf at Restoration Hardware:
But it wasn't quite right so I started googling it.....and found this one from PB Teen, unfortunately it is 'No Longer Available'. I like that it just has three cubbies with hooks underneath.
I found this one at CB2 which might be perfect except for the color which is an easy fix so it's def in the running.

And lastly I found this one from Gardener's Supply Company, which I think might be my favorite but is about $20 nore than the CB2 one. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.
Hope you are enjoying 2012 !

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Everything Table

A few weeks ago as I was scouring through Craigslist, one of my favorite pastimes! :-), I came across this awesome table. It reminded me of the really old green table used for display in the back of my local Anthropologie store. I knew I had to have it, not sure for what, but knew I needed to bring it home. After a little haggling on the price, it came home that night. Once it was sitting in my garage, I thought it would make an awesome art table for the girls. And it would.... if we lived in a bigger house. So I decided to refinish and sell it. It will be very sad to see it go.
Here is what it looked like when I brought it home
And this is what it looks like today. I painted the entire thing a very industrial grey color, then painted the body an off white and antiqued the entire thing. Hopefully someone will enjoy many years with it, hopefully there will be many meals, glasses of wine, drawings and discussions over this table. :-)
Jill xo

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And the winner is....

And after weighing price, looks, and reviews on quality, I think we have a winner. This table from Cost Plus World Market, the Aiden 3 shelf console, will be perfect for adding some baskets and getting all the new, and old, toys organized. I already have the perfect home for it, see that space against the wall under Lila's framed artwork.... Now I just have to go pick up the rain check and wait for it to get here.... :-))
Hope you are all having an exceptional start to 2012! And getting organized!!!
Jill xo