Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waterfall Dresser Obsession - Craigslist Heartbreak

Okay, so I found this amazing 1930's art deco waterfall dresser on Craigslist yesterday, called them, they said it was still available, I said I'd come right then to pick it up. I told the guy I'd call my husband since he worked right there and call him right back to get the address (should have just gotten address first!). When I called back his wife answered said she was on hold with another guy about the dresser, I said I had talked to her husband and told them I was on my way to pick up. She said she'd have to call me back, that she needed to talk to her husband. They never called back. Then a few minutes later I get a text, "Sorry, we decided to keep it. About the dresser.' My theory is someone offered them more money and they sold to them, or, they had so many people interested they decided to keep it and maybe re-sell it later for a lot more. It was only listed for $60 and was everything I was looking for! I am so down now (the downfall of Craigslist, heartbreak LOL!!)
My plan is to get a second waterfall dresser similar to this one that I recently refinished for Lila's room and refinish it so that when Evy gets in a big girl bed we can put them in the same room and they'd have similar dressers. I have some time but now the hunt is on!
Until then I guess I will enjoy pics of these beautiful dressers!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

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