Saturday, November 16, 2013

Industrial Garment Racks

bodie and four clothing rack (via SF Girl by the Bay)

I've always loved the vintage garment rack.  They scratched up steel, the worn chunky wheels, with gorgeous clothing hanging upon it.  In the past I've thought about trying to make one, then never found the time or had the right place for one....until now.  Now I have two young princesses who love to play dress up....

So I googled DIY garment racks, found some beauties but settled on this one at HrrrThrrr that seems very very do-able.  I think I will keep it unpainted and then maybe paint the bottom wooden shelf a cool color, maybe yellow, or mint, or barely there pink.... :)


Here are some other beauties!
Cheap Chic Nursery

Hello Lovely Inc.

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