Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mix and Match Dining

I've been drawn to casual formal dining spaces since I can remember, one that's just beautifully thrown together with this and that.  Mismatched chairs and linens done just right with only hints of color for cohesion.  About a year ago I scored these two mismatched chairs at a garage sale and brought them home, put them around the table and have been thinking about how to 'finish' them.  They are both very neutral and I have two white chairs and a bench around the table.  I think I'd like to paint the more vintage chair a very soft seashell pink (like in the first pic below) and then pull in some pinks in the linens, or a light turquoise....hmmmmm....

Here are some eclectic dining rooms I found in my scouring that have inspired me to finish my own space...

House of Fifty
I love the colors in this one more than anything.  I've always loved seeing pops of pink in a white and black room but never knew how to do it because I love decorating very beachy, well have you ever seen the inside of some shells?!  It's the most gorgeous shade of soft pink.  Now I feel like I can decorate with pink in a beachy themed interior.  yay!
This one is just shabby gorgeous in my opinion.  And I love the gorgeous chandelier that balances the shabby out.  Beautiful.
I love how they overlapped the different colored table linens on this table. 

Craigslist Photo
I saw this one on Craigslist (they were selling the gorgeous table).  It might be my favorite one here!  I wanted to contact them and pretend to want to see the table just to see the rest of the house!  :-)

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