Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shared Bedroom Space Inspiration

So just when I had most of the elements decided for Lila's bedroom, we decided that in a few months we'd move Lila over to Evy's room and give them a shared space to open up the 3rd bedroom for extra space.  Great... now what?!?!  Back to the drawing board I guess...

After a little internet scouring and inspiration gathering, I'm finding I'm drawn many times to this Moroccan vintage style for nursery and little girls rooms.  It's just so versatile and something that they can grow into and morph as their personalities evolve.  And it seems like it would accompany different personalities.  So I've decided to try and turn their room into our take of this style.  These are some of the pics I've been collecting for inspiration.

This picture just says it all, so much casual bohemian glamour fit for a little princess!  Love love love this nursery from One Claire Day!

This is a clip from Flea Market Style Magazine.  I love the wall art gallery mix ups, and the paper lanterns are cool.

Here are some of the elements I'm spying out around town....
Land of Nod Banner

Etsy StarlitNestGifts Banner

Land of Nod floor Pouf

These new quilts from Land of Nod are really fun.  Not sure yet if I want to keep the bedding white/neutral with some colorful pillows or add a comforter like this.

I'm loving these rugs from West Elm

Istanbul Rug
 Souk Rug

Pillow - Etsy shop Gate 17

Paper Lanterns - Land of Nod

This canopy is gorgeous from Cost Plus

And these from Urban Outfitters

And I love this wall art from Land of Nod even though it really doesn't fit in... ha ha

And finally found this cabinet/dresser on Craigslist but waiting to see if they still have it....

or this one...

Enjoy your week!

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