Monday, July 23, 2012

Dream Kitchen

Ever since I watched the movie, like many others, I fell in the love with the kitchen from the movie, "It's Complicated."  I was surprised that although very cute and cozy was a very modest kitchen and something maybe in reach someday.  :-) 

Here is a small clip of the kitchen from the movie, oh how I love the marble countertops and the back window!

Here are some more pics of the house, in case anyone is interesed in buying!  :-)

Kitchens are such a huge part of the house, the heart of the house.  It's important to love your kitchen!  :-)  Here are some kitchens I love:

I pulled this off the internet when I was looking for pics of the movie set from It's Complicated, but wasn't sure what this kitchen was, if part of the house of something completely different and now can't even find it....  Well regardless I love it, so cozy and cute.  Although I love these countertops too, marble is just so gorgeous, I guess it depends on the look you are trying to achieve.  And I love how the chandelier transforms the room.  And who doesn't love love love the eating nook and gorgeous beam dividing the room!?!?  I think I like this even better than the one above from the movie. 

The latest issue of House Beautiful, Jul/Aug 2012, has some amazing kitchens!  Here are some pics I took from this issue. 



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