Wednesday, February 6, 2013

After we Dig out from under the Rubble

Well we are all moved in to the new house, and s...l...o...w...l...y... we are getting settled.  First was the big clean, remodeling sure does make a lot of dirt and dust!  :-)  Then there was the shuffling around of all our stuff, which is still in piles trying to find homes.  Now we are working on the details, lights, hardware, door knobs, etc.  But soon enough, hopefully, I will get to decorate, hang pictures, mirrors, sort out kids bedding, design a cool playroom, you get the point.  So I've been scouring (what's new) ideas and have decided on these rooms for inspiration.  I can't say enough how much these talk to love love these rooms, and they are all from the same house, how can I meet this interiors equal?!  I would sure love to have a coffee with her and talk shop!  Until then, I will share with you the inspiration for my living room, the girls' room and playroom.  I love the clean white with pops of color.  I think my interpretation may be a little more shabby chic but we shall's this stuff that charges my engine!  Hope to show you my own rooms soon! 

This will work great for my girls' room, they are sharing a space now and I'd like to keep it really clean with pops of pink, yellow and black.
I found an identical floor cushion at Urban Outfitters
Oh my goodness, love love love love love the texturing on this wall. I am so doing something like this behind our bed.
Not sure I will do anything like this but it's super fun. What a cute little nook! Rhys' nursery is going to be pretty darn cute, can's wait to show you.
I've been working on a little black frame wall for a while now...this is a cute one..
My living room...uh er I mean it will be! So cute. My couch is white but other than that, I can do this...

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