Monday, March 4, 2013

Throw Pillow Plunge

So I truly believe that throw pillows can transform your couch, your bed, your living space.  Whether it's a ton of eclectic pillows or just a couple simple pillows, it can change everything.  This is why they are so much fun, but also why they are so hard to figure out.  I believe there has to be a little bit of symmetry, but also you have to love each and every one, and sometimes just need to take a leap with both symmetry and ones you love.  So...that's what I did, I've ordered all of these pillows, plus I have some oyster linen ones and a gold sequin one already to mix in.  They look kinda fun here, but what will they look like on my huge white slipcovered sectional??? 


I have some dark grey linen covers made the color of these napkins.
debbies-porch home

West Elm


I also want to get a black leather butterfly chair for the corner by the front window to use as extra seating and a cute reading nook.  And a cute fur rug from IKEA to go over it. 

Safavieh Black Leather Butterfly Chair

After that is here, I need to decide lighting, side tables, where to put my small black frame wall and all sorts of other things. 

Can't wait to show you the couch as soon as I get all the pillow covers!!  :-) 


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