Monday, March 25, 2013

Rhysey Breezy's Nursery

I remember this one day when I was pregnant with Rhys, wondering if I was having a boy or a girl...  The only part of me that wanted a girl, was that it seemed so much easier to decorate a girls room than a boy's!  Well little did I know how fun it would be to decorate a boy's nursery.  I'm having a blast.  His dresser is an awesome vintage dresser that I'm having refinished, his crib just went up today, and the other details are just starting to fall in place. 

Here are some of the pieces that will be going into his room.  Estimated time of completion: 1 Month!  Can I do it?! 

It all started with this poster...I know it's been overdone, but I love it...

Super Rural

I mean isn't the grey just gorgeous?!?!


Then it was the dresser....  I saw it then scoured and scoured for a dresser like this so it could be refinished.  Just waiting for the paint so refinishing can begin. 
This crib had me at Hello...  And for such a great price on Amazon, it was a no brainer.  I was able to sell our current crib for more than this one cost! 

Then how can you resist a Spidey crib sheet for a little boy...  Surprisingly these are hard to find, this was handmade, I found it on Ebay.

And no boy's nursery is complete without robot art...




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