Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Additions to our Family (Tree)

I never thought of it too much before, how much a simple tree ornament could bring such joy, how much it could fill my head with warm memories of Family, Love and Tradition. As I unpack my Christmas decorations and ornaments each year, I'm flooded with these things, and now that I have children I hope I can do half the job my Family did for me. I hope each year as we add ornaments and tradition to our lives with our children, that someday they too will unpack their ornaments and think of childhood memories, their Family, and how much love we have for them.

Each year I plan to buy one dated ornament for each of my children, as well as other ornaments that will add to our collection. And then, as my Mother did for my brother and I, I will divide and distribute the ornaments to each of my girls. What traditions do you do during the holidays?

Here are a few of our new ornaments this year (from Kohl's)....oh and a cute picture of a naked baby... :-) Peace,

Jill xoxo

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