Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Child Art Walls....Keeping your Home Stylish with Children

As my little 3 year old flourishes into an amazing artist :-), I've been racking my brain on how to incorporate her art into my dream bohemian modern home.  To me a home should include a great percentage of meaningful things, and there is nothing more meaningful than something my little Bean Butt has created with her own heart and hands.  I will start with her own bedroom.  I've been at a stand still with her room for a while, there are a couple great pieces, her bed and the vintage numbers waterfall dresser.  This is my vision to add on to that. 
Here it is today, a cute start but missing that WOW factor. 

I'd like to get a cute modern task lamp for her bedside table or a floor one maybe.  I'm torn between a traditional brushed nickel or bronze one or a brightly colored one....I'm leaning toward a bright one, maybe either yellow or hot pink!  I love the vintage lamp in bright yellow from Urban Outfitters but of course it doesn't ship to CA!  Booey.

Some fun mismatched frames with her artwork to frame her bed (I love the artwork hung in this room from Heather Chontos' Brooklyn home), and this cute elephant art from Urban Outfitters.
A striped duvet cover for her bed.  I'm loving this grey and white striped one from Urban Outfitters.

With the wide open wall in her room shown in above pic, I want to do a framed chalkboard, an iron "L" and a collage art wall similar to something from these beautiful homes (courtesy of Project Nursery).

 Seagrass wallpaper from Elle Decor as a wainscot around a room. It’s forgiving, so you can pushpin and nail to your heart’s content and never have to worry about marking up the wall. Kids can add and subtract from this wall collage as they please, to maintain and update the room

Love this one room!

More examples from Susanna Salk

Maybe a cute striped rug for the end of her bed, some string lights, and a little color with or over her black out curtains would be nice.  We'll see.....

Have a great week. 

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