Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hand Blocked Textiles

I've fallen in love with hand blocked textiles, pillows, duvet covers, rugs...  I can never find pillows or bedding that I like, which is probably a good thing lol!  but it's also really annoying.  One day while surfing the net, which can dangerously lead me into some very random places, I found this amazing bedding cover on Design Sponge of Heather Chontos' Montana home.  The bedding cover was one she got at a booth at Central Station in NYC from a vendor who hand blocked it.  Isn't it perfect??  I love the faded colors, and the simplicity of the entire bed.  This bedding cover started my obsession. 

The problem was that I couldn't for the life of me find anything like it in a duvet cover.  West Elm has these great quilts but no duvet covers.

And I love these but again, mostly these are typically quilts but most importantly really expensive.

John Robshaw
Les Indiennes

Etsy pillows from Giardino

This all got me thinking, why don't I just get some stamps and do it myself!  So now I'm on the search for the perfect stamps.  So far loving these from Etsy Shop Charan Creations.   I talked to the owner and she is going to even mock up a sketch for me of the teardrop design on Heather Chontos' bed!! 

And Amazon (Connected Fair Trade)


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