Thursday, March 29, 2012

CrEaTiVe WaLlS

I love love love the look of multiple frames creatively and casually hung on a wall to display photo memories, art and treasures, but until now, I've felt dumbfounded and short of frames to do anything like it.  But over the course of many Goodwill visits, and reinventing old frames, I'm getting very close to doing a couple walls in our house.  My birthday present to myself a week ago was a new book, Creative Walls by Geraldine James, that I got at Anthropologie.  It is soooooo fun and inspirational.  The pictures are great and I actually enjoy reading the text, which is rare for me. 

Here is the book!  Love it, totally recommend for any of you design junkies.

The first wall I'm going to do is the empty wall in Lila's room, remember this wall?

My inspiration is page 196, little Evie's room.  I love the mixture of frames, from brightly colored frames to natural wood frames to white shadow box frames, as well as some ornate frames.  I'm almost ready to show you my version in Lila's room! 

The second wall I fell in love with was this wall from page 132.   I've rarely seen anyone use this many small dark frames like this.  It's fun and disorderly orderly...or something like that.  Love.   A couple days after I saw this I eyed this really cute small 4x6 frame at Pottery Barn.  I was told it was the last one and since part of the display couldn't be sold to me.  When she looked at the back she saw it was on clearance for $3.47!  She found a store with 6 of them.  I took them all and they shipped to me for free!!!  Lucky find. 

Here are just a few other pics from the book that inspired me:

Jill xo

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